Ne-Yo: Top R&B Songs and New Album, 'Good Man'

Ne-Yo on Top R&B Albums, R&B Songs, and Artist Of The Month

Ne-Yo on Top R&B Albums, R&B Songs, and Artist Of The Month

             What's the best part about working at Music Choice?  Simply put, we get to work with some of the most influential musical artists in the industry.  Before the new year, Music Choice's production department worked day and night to produce a phenomenal artist calendar. 

One of our premiere artist monthly programs dubbed Artist of the Month, was put in place at the end of December.  The program features an influential artist who Music Choice deems worthy enough to hold the title.  If you've seen who we've worked with in the past then you'll realize this is saying a lot...

Last month Fall Out Boy was the first artist to kick off our Artist of the Month series.  When the programming team started brainstorming for the artist who would be featured in February, the team hit a wall.  They knew that a Music Choice Artist of the Month had to be legendary.  The team figured they wanted to highlight an artist in the Hip-Hop and R&B genre.  

After a month straight of deliberating and listening to R&B songs, the team came to a conclusion.  The artist that they would feature not only had to convey pure excellence and mastery in their chosen genre, but would also have to be the leader in helping Music Choice celebrate Black History Month.  Without question, they realized that the artist had to be Ne-Yo.

In the realm of the music industry I have met just about all of my kings so to speak…well the ones that are still living. I met Stevie Wonder, I’ve met Prince, I’ve met Michael Jackson

I’ve sat and had these people look at me as an equal, you know…Lionel Richie like what…I sat with Lionel Richie and had him tell me man I was a great songwriter. I’m like are you serious…You’re Lionel Richie and I am a good songwriter? Thanks.

Michael Jackson…I sat in front of Michael Jackson and told him if not for you there would be no Ne-Yo…He said to me, you know what my favorite song is of yours is? And he started singing the song to me
I feel like that may be the only time I’ve ever felt like a 12 year old girl as a grown man.
— Ne-Yo

Ne-Yo on Strong Women In His Life And Meeting His Idols

Ne-Yo on Strong Women In His Life And Meeting His Idols

We met up with Ne-Yo in sunny Los Angeles while he was shooting promos for his upcoming album, Good Man.

With an active music career spanning over the last 20 years, Ne-Yo has secured his fate as one of the most influential R&B artists of our generation.  Speaking with an artist that exudes as much wisdom and experience as Ne-Yo, one can only imagine who may have influenced his career. 

We had a chance to speak with him about his musical influences, the state of today's R&B, and why he's so in touch with his feelings.  Growing up around his sisters and mother, Ne-Yo proclaims his ability to write emotionally comes from the will of several strong women.

My mom said, if it hurts, cry. If it feels good, smile
and never be ashamed to do either one because God gave you both for a reason
— Ne-Yo

Ne-Yo explains that his mother's words greatly resonated with him internally.  It's where his writing style came from.  Never being afraid to take a risk and sound vulnerable.  It's why millions of his fans listen to him and hear something beyond the music, something deeper.


Hosted Playlists: Ne-Yo's favorite R&B Albums and Songs

Hosted Playlists: Ne-Yo's favorite R&B Albums and Songs

r&b songs

As interviewers, we try our best to ask the right questions to prompt responses that we hope fans will connect to.  Sometimes, however, music speaks louder than words.  As our Music Choice Artist of the Month, we had Ne-Yo create two custom themed video playlists.

"Best of Ne-Yo" -  A custom video playlist that breaks down Ne-Yo's long and prosperous career, showcasing significant tracks that played a pivotal role in his life.

"Ne-Yo's R&B Trendsetters" - A custom video playlist containing a specific group of r&b artists who have directly influenced Ne-Yo's music career.


Ne-Yo On New Album, Good Man and working with PartyNextDoor, 2 Chainz & More
Ne-Yo On New Album, Good Man and working with PartyNextDoor, 2 Chainz & More
r&b albums

As Ne-Yo fans, we're anxiously awaiting the release of his seventh album titled, Good Man.  The album is due to come out later this year.  Like any reputable R&B artist in this current day and age the question that's always pressing is, "who's going to be featured?"

In a new interview with Apple's Beats 1, Ne-Yo finally revealed the full lineup of guest artist features on his new album.  These included the likes of PartNextDoor, 2 Chainz, Eric Bellinger, Bebe Rexha, Stefflon Don, and Romeo Santos.

When discussing the new record with Beats 1 Ne-Yo was excited about all the new material:

"We came up with a lot of good stuff, actually."

"There’s actually a collection of songs that I have, that I’m holding on to for a little side project later on, but there was one of that bunch that I liked so much, that I decided to put on this album. Myself, PartyNextDoor, and Eric Bellinger are on that record."


Reinforcing the album's title, Good Man, Ne-Yo told Apple Beats 1 radio: "This album focuses on the journey of what it is to be a good man: a good man to your spouse, a good brother to your brother, a good person to the world.

"I am not proclaiming to be perfect. A good man makes mistakes, learns from those mistakes, therefore to not then repeat those mistakes. Being a good man is a journey."

Currently Ne-Yo has dropped three singles off his new album.  'Good Man', 'Another Love Song, and 'Earn Ur Love'.  Check out Music Choice's app to watch these and other Ne-Yo videos on the go. 


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